YouWIN! Connect 2017 - Registration Guidelines and Requirements

YouWIN! Connect 2017 - Registration Guidelines and Requirements

Have you been thinking or planning about how to start, grow or make your business flourishes in the current technologically-developing competitive market in Nigeria and beyond? Then here is the opportunity to achieve your dream, apply for the ongoing 2017 YouWiN! Connect Enterprise Education registration process FREE of charge to get an opportune access to the Federal government support for your business without any delay once you are selected.

YouWiN! Connect (an acronym for Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria) is a multimedia based relaunch of the YouWiN! Programme of the Federal Ministry of Finance, with the aim to support young Nigeria entrepreneurs as they plan, start and grow their businesses, by providing Enterprise Education as well as access to technical and consulting services.


The programme aims to promote entrepreneurship, job creation and wealth via enterprise education for young Nigerians. It is an opportunity for Nigerian entrepreneurs to enhance their productivity through relevant SME development tools.

This programme is commenced under the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan. And the new administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has found it deems fit to ensure its continuity by reopening the YouWIN! Connect programme registration portal to fund qualified ventures of successfully selected applicants in the country whose businesses are in the following sector:
- Agriculture/Agro-Processing
- Construction
- Fashion
- Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
- Manufacturing and Retail

Eligibility Criteria for YouWIN! Connect 2017 Prospective Participants

Interested applicants must:
* have post-secondary school qualification
* be between the ages of 18 and 40
* be Nigerians and resident in Nigeria
* have (his or her) businesses domiciled in Nigeria
* be able to communicate effectively, speaking and writing in English
* be willing to attend all trainings and mentoring exercises organized by the programme
* not be an employee of the Nigerian Civil Service

NOTE: Previous YouWiN awardees are not eligible to apply.

How to Apply for YouWIN! Connect 2017

If you know that you are interested and qualified for this programme, quickly click here to participate in the YouWIN! Connect Enterprise. Or sign in to your YouWIN! Connect Enterprise profile to access your application.

Registration Guidelines for YouWIN! Connect 2017 Application

Step 1
* Provide your First name, Middle name, Surname and Email address [Please use only Email address you know its password and can access immediately. If you don’t have one, click on the Email Provider’s link either Gmail or Yahoo mail to register].
* Answer the short simple question (such as 8 + 3, 0 + 7, etc.) in the provided field.
* Click on “Register”.
* A congratulatory message like below will show up:
YouWIN! Connect Registration Guideline Image 1

Step 2
* Now, open another new browser tab to login to your Gmail or Yahoo mail address.
* Or check your email address directly if you have opened it somewhere before (especially on your mobile phone) to access the 6-digit Pass Key already sent to your email address. It will look like this:
YouWIN! Connect Registration Guideline Image 2

Step 3
* Then, go back to the former browser tab to click “Proceed to Login” to continue your registration process as shown in the congratulatory message image.
* Or sign in to your YouWIN! Connect Enterprise profile to continue your registration process. You will have something like this:
YouWIN! Connect Registration Guideline Image 3 
* Enter your formerly-used email address and use the 6-digit Pass Key sent to your email address earlier as your Password.

Step 4
* A redirected page like this will show up to change your login password:
YouWIN! Connect Registration Guideline Image 4
* Now, provide the 6-digit Pass Key as the OLD Password and enter the NEW Password you are willing to be using as your LOGIN Password.
* Retype the new password entered to confirm its correctness and validity.
* CONTINUE the application process by providing all the information required such as your Personal information, Business information, Business needs and other business related information.

Information Required for YouWIN! Connect 2017 Registration

To continue your registration for the YouWIN! Connect Enterprise, there is a need for the following information to be penned down or made available to ease the registration process:
1. Personal Information -
* Title
* First Name
* Middle Name
* Surname
* Telephone
* Gender                         
* Date of Birth
* Full Address
* Current State                      
* Current Region
* Current Country
* Highest Educational Qualification                            
* Mode of Identification (i.e. National identification card or Driver’s license or International passport or Student identification card or Voter card)
* Identification Number (i.e. the identification number on any selected Mode of Identification above)

2. Business Information -
* Company/Business Name
* Business Type (i.e. Startup or Existing)
* Business Sector (i.e. Agriculture/Agro-Processing or Construction or Fashion or Information and Communication Technology (ICT) or Manufacturing and Retail)
* Company Description (i.e. Short write up about your company or business)
* Business Address
* Business State
* Business Region
* Business Country
* Company Registration Number
* Year Established
* Company Annual Turnover
* Number of Full-time Employees
* Number of Part-time Employees
* Mode of Keeping Financial Records

3. Business Needs -
* Business Sector you are interested in
* Business Sub-sector
* Description of the Requirements you will need to create your product or service (In not more than 200 words)
* Risks or challenges that might affect the success of your business? (i.e. What can stop you from making this business a success?) In not more than 100 words
* Areas in Need of Training
* Other Areas in Need not on List
* Previous Skills acquired
* Other Skills acquired not on List
* Hindrance to Training Access
* Other Hindrances not on List
* Areas of Required Assistance
* Sub-area of Required Assistance
* And other business-related questions.

In conclusion, if you don’t have any of the above mentioned information you can save your application by clicking SAVE only (not SAVE AND CONTINUE) and continue at a later date as long as it is before the deadline for submission.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday 30th August, 2017.




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