40 NPower Aptitude Test Past Questions and Complete Answers

40 NPower Aptitude Test Past Questions and Complete Answers

Sequel to the current ongoing NPower aptitude test for the June/July 2017 recruitment, and being one of the two hundred thousand (200,000) first batch beneficiaries of the NPower programmes which commenced on last year December, I’m very delighted to be of great help in assisting other unemployed Nigerian youths who have applied online to be among the final successfully-shortlisted candidates by painstakingly compiling all the NPower aptitude test past questions usually asked during the first batch aptitude test as well as the current assessment test overnight, with complete answers.

N-Power is an initiative purposely organised by the Federal Government of Nigeria under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to address the challenge of youth unemployment by providing a structure for large scale and relevant work skills acquisition and development while linking its core and outcomes to fixing inadequate public services and stimulating the larger economy. It is also linked to the Federal Government’s policies in the economic, employment and social development arenas.

The NPower aptitude test has always been conducted online via the NPower official test portal by sending SMS (i.e. message) which will comprise of appropriate time and scheduled date to each shortlisted applicant. So, it is fair and transparent!

NPower Assessment Test Timetable Schedule

The general NPower assessment test timetable schedule is summarized as follows for your perusal to prepare and be at alert as your SMS may enter at any time on or before the date scheduled for the NPower programme you applied for during the registration on the net:
> N-Tax: JULY 1ST – JULY 3RD
> N-Health: JULY 4TH – JULY 6TH
> N-Agro: JULY 7TH – JULY 10TH
> N-Teach: JULY 11TH – JULY 21ST

Here is the GOOD NEWS About NPower Application!

If you are interested in applying for or have someone who has interest in the NPower Programme, the registration is still in progress from now till July 13th, 2017 (the deadline). So, all the applicants who registered between now and July 13th (the closing date) will write their NPower aptitude test between JULY 25TH and JULY 31ST, so no need of worrying yourself, of whether it is already late or closed.

As at today 10th of July, my good news to those who have applied before the release of NPower assessment test timetable schedule for the N-Tax, N-Health and N-Agro even including the N-Teach who are yet to receive invitation message and write their NPower aptitude test, as they have been granted the grace to do their own NPower assessment test anytime from when they received their own congratulatory message(s) inviting them to write the NPower aptitude test. So, just put your mind together and start preparing.

The content of the SMS that will be sent to you as a shortlisted applicant to participate in the NPower assessment test will read thus:

“Dear applicant, your BVN records match your application. Proceed to the N-Power website to write your N-Tax (or N-Health or N-Agro or N-Teach) assessment test, use Phone Number and BVN to log in.”

Once you received this message, I would say, “Congratulations in advance” as you already have 50/50 chance of becoming one of the successfully-selected candidates for the second batch of NPower Programme 2017. Now, the need to prepare very well in order not to lose the chance arises, because if you fail to plan you plan to fail. That is why you have to patiently read and study this article from the beginning to the end to crown my painstaking effort in compiling the questions by grabbing a cup of coffee.


Guidelines to Login for the NPower Aptitude Test

Follow the step-by-step guidelines below to login for the NPower assessment TEST portal:
#1. Go to www.npower.gov.ng
#2. Click on the TEST on the menu side or on the menu icon on the right hand side to explore it (in some cases especially when you are using smartphones)
#3. Login with your Phone No and BVN provided during the online registration as reflected on your Bank BVN registration details


Below is a collection of forty (40) NPower aptitude test past questions and complete quick answers compiled to assist all the successfully-shortlisted applicants  who applied online for the N-Power Programmes (i.e. N-Tax, N-Health, N-Agro and N-Teach under the Graduate category) to prepare for the Computer based assessment test which will be conducted on the NPower official test portal:

Q1.     How did you do in the test? Not so well. I ______ much better but I misread the directions for writing.
A.        will have done
B.        can have done
C.        must have done
D.        may have done
E.        could have done

Q2.     The Capital of Lagos State is _______.
A.        Bariga
B.        Isale-Eko
C.        Eko
D.        Ikeja
E.        Ikorodu

Q3.     If the day tomorrow is Sunday, what was it yesterday?
A.        Monday
B.        Tuesday
C.        Friday
D.        Saturday
E.        Wednesday

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